Previous Projects and Actions

The beginning of FECAP Business School involvement and dedication to develop and provide EU specific high-level knowledge for Brazilian society dates to 2018, the year of the creation of the Brazil-EU Institute: a hub to produce and disseminate knowledge on EU and EU-related agendas and to strengthen the Strategic Partnership EU-Brazil.

By the very beginning of the Institute's activities, in 2019, FECAP won a first Jean Monnet Action: a FECAP Jean Monnet Chair entitled EUROPEAN EXTERNAL POLICIES FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY: VULNERABLE GROUPS EMPOWERMENT THROUGH A NEW BUSINESS CULTURE (2019-2022). The Chair consolidated a series of compulsory, non-compulsory and extension courses on EU since FECAP, and reached approximately 4500 students. In São Paulo, the second largest city in Latin America, FECAP is the only Higher Education Institution that consistently offers courses on EU issues open to community and free of charge since then.

Since the Chair well-succeeded implementation, our perspective was to thicken EU Studies and EU public diplomacy from a Brazilian context and reality. Aiming at this, FECAP proposed a Jean Monnet Module in the 2022 Jean Monnet Call and succeeded again. All professors involved in the JM Module, entitled NEW PERSPECTIVES ON EU-BRAZIL RELATIONS: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES (2022-2025), were inserted in the Institute and brought their own institutional experiences and teaching and research backgrounds to the Module.