Cláudia A. Marconi

Co-Director of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in Business and Human Rights and Professor of International Relations



Professor in the Undergraduate Program in International Relations and in the Permanent Staff of the Professional Master’s Program in Global Governance and International Policy Making at Pontifical Catholic University (PUC-SP). Collaborating Professor in the International Relations Graduate Program San Tiago Dantas Program (UNESP/UNICAMP/PUC-SP). She also teaches International Relations at FECAP Business School. She obtained and implemented a Jean Monnet Chair on European External Policies for Human Rights and Democracy at FECAP from 2019-2022 and she has been coordinating the FECAP Jean Monnet Module – New Perspectives of Brazil-European Union Relations: challenges and opportunities – since 2022. Her research agenda revolves around the global governance of human rights, Business and Human Rights agenda, EU normative power, international and transitional justice processes and mechanisms, as well as the theoretical middle ground debates of IR.

Recent Relevant Publications

  1. 2023
    As paisagens de morte e a Covid-19 nas Américas:
    as respostas normativas da Comissão Interamericana de Direitos Humanos em torno da vulnerabilidade-morte. Lua Nova (Impresso), v. -, p. 167-194, 2023.
    MARCONI, Cláudia. MIRANDA, Rafael de S. Nascimento; SANTOS, Isabela Agostinelli dos
  2. 2022
    The Normative Emergence of Death in the Organization of American States? Responses to COVID-19:
    towards a Regional Governance of Death. CONTEXTO INTERNACIONAL(ON-LINE), v. 44, p. 1-27, 2022.
    MARCONI, Cláudia. MIRANDA, Rafael de S. Nascimento; SANTOS, Isabela Agostinelli dos
  3. 2023
    Unmasking Forcible Displacement of Childhood:
    A Multidimensional Analysis of Ukrainian Children. E-INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, v. July, p. 1-8, 2023.
    MARCONI, C. A.; LIRA, J. H.
  4. 2021
    Crise das Democracias Liberais:
    um olhar internacional a partir do Sul Global. ed.São Paulo: Tirant lo Blanch, 2021.
    MARCONI, Claudia Alvarenga; CONCI, Luiz Guilherme Arcaro (Org.)
  5. 2023
    Políticas Europeias para Democracia e Direitos Humanos:
    análises e perspectivas no espectro local-global. São Paulo: Editora Dialética, 2023.
    MARCONI, Claudia Alvarenga; MIRANDA, Rafael de S. Nascimento;CARVALHO, Daniel Campos de.; LUZ, Cícero Krupp; PAVESE, Carolina Boniatti; NETO, Ulisses Terto (Orgs.)