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João Paulo Candia Veiga

Professor at the Department of Political Science and the Institute of International Relations at São Paulo University.


João Paulo Veiga holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Human Sciences at the University of São Paulo (FFLCH-USP). He earned both his master’s degree (1994) and a doctorate in Political Science from the University of São Paulo in 1999. Currently, he serves as a full-time professor at the FFLCH, specializing in the Department of Political Science (DCP), the graduate program of Political Science (DCP-FFLCH), and the Institute of International Relations (IRI).

Dr. Veiga is a senior researcher at the Center for the Study of International Negotiations (CAENI-USP) and has been the coordinator of the agreement between IRI and SIPA (School of International and Public Affairs) at Columbia University in New York since 2008. Additionally, he is a researcher at the Center for Artificial Intelligence at USP (C4AI). His academic leadership includes roles such as president (2012-14) and vice-president (2015-2018) of the Research Commission (CPQ) at FFLCH. He also served as a member of the Ethics and Research Committee (CEP) at the Institute of Psychology (IP-USP) from 2015 to 2021. Furthermore, Dr. Veiga held the position of head of the Department of Political Science at FFLCH from 2018 to 2022.

His research interests encompass various areas, including transnational governance, Human Rights and Multinational Companies, Social and Environmental Impact Assessment, and Labor Standards. Currently, he is actively involved in research agendas focused on the ethical aspects, governance, regulation, and public policies of Artificial Intelligence at C4AI (Inova USP).

Recent Relevant Publications

  1. 2023
    Institutional arrangements for a public policy on business and human rights in Brazil
    Revista Interdisciplinar de Direitos Humanos, 11, 349-374. (Portuguese)
    Machado dos Santos Gomes, R., & Candia Veiga, J. P. (2023)
  2. 2021
    Labor Contestation at Walmart Brazil:
    Limits of Global Diffusion in Latin America (1st ed., Vol. 3000). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
    Martin, S. B., Galhera, K. M., & Veiga, J. P. C. (2021)
  3. 2021
    Non-Timber Forest Products and the Cosmetic Industry:
    An Econometric Assessment of Contributions to Income in the Brazilian Amazon. Land, 10, 588-603.
    Antunes, A., Simmons, C. S., & Veiga, J. P. (2021)
  4. 2020
    Governance in Sustainable Development in the Amazon:
    Institutional Architectures and Sociobiodiversity Chains..Revista Amazônia, Organizações e Sustentabilidade, 8, 3-27. (Portuguese)
    Makishi, F., Zacareli, M. A., Veiga, J. P. C., Lara, V., & Savastano Junior, H. (2020)